Innovative technology to boost your photo sales
cloud-based AI platform for searching Photos with face recognition
  • Increase in sales
    Automate sales and bring back those customers who left without purchasing photos immediately.
  • Quick setup
    Easy setup that does not require additional development.
  • Save on print
    Only the prints that the customer is ready to buy.
  • Free
    We only charge you if photos are sold.
  • The WOW-effect
    Customers can easily find themselves in professional photos and to share on social media, thus promoting your establishment.
  • AI at your service
    The technology is based on one of the most accurate facial recognition algorithms in the world.
How it works
Upload photo content to the platform
Automatic or manual photo upload.
Customers find their photos by taking a selfie
The most accurate algorithm in the world allows customers to find their photos
Customers purchase photos and you receive profit
A fully configured interface to purchase and receive photos.
Use cases
Water parks
Child centers
Amusement parks
Hotels (resorts)
Online version
Snappe platform for online selling and delivering photos via face recognition
Desktop version
Face recognition and combining all customer photos and videos of the client into a single file
Self-service kiosk
Let your customers choose their own photos using face identification or other identifiers
Customers can buy the photos they like, instantly send them to their email, and also print them on different media
Customized decision
We can develop a unique decision to suit your needs
About Us
AI VISION, creates platforms for remote selling of photographs with cutting-edge face recognition systems (Cvartel). We can assist you in developing a customized turnkey solution to meet your specific needs. With our in-depth knowledge of face recognition products, we can speed up delivery of a ready-to-use solution tailored to your requirements.

AI VISION is a worldwide partner for photo industry professionals and amusement parks
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